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Different Types Of Cycling Booties

March 10, 2010 by admin  
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When you go cycling it will require you to pedal your bike as fast as you can.  If you do cross country cycling it is understandable that you will be using your feet for long periods of time. If this is the case you will certainly need something that will protect your feet and keep them comfortable. When it comes to protecting your feet there is only one cycling apparel that you will need and these are cycling booties. Cycling clothing won’t be complete without cycling booties. Remember that your cycling booties are going to be very important, especially if you ride competitively, because you are going to be using your feet for a long period of time and need shoes that are going to be comfortable and keep them from getting sore.

You have to understand that cycling booties are different from any other type of sports shoes, which means that no other sport shoes will ever take the place of cycling booties in the cyclist’s wardrobe. To complete your cycling apparel you will surely need cycling booties. Then you might find yourself asking the difference between regular sports shoes and cycling booties will for starters cycling booties have stiff soles which offer protection from the pedals and ensure that there is no energy lost in transferring power to the pedals. There is also little to no cushioning in the soles of cycling booties which is important because if there were, this would interfere with pedalling. These cycling booties also feature lightweight ventilated uppers which help keep your feet cool and dry, as well as special fixing points for the cleats which help to engage the pedals.

Cycling clothing has different variations and the same thing goes for cycling booties. The variations for cycling booties are often made to serve a specific purpose like the road riding cycling booties which are the most popular type, and these are shoes that have very stiff soles and which are often made of carbon fiber to give them added strength and stability but keep them as lightweight as possible at the same time. Another is the off road cycling booties these shoes are also very stiff but less so than the road riding models. The uppers tend to be a bit more robust with these shoes and hidden laces are usually used here because this helps to keep the rider from tripping on them or getting them caught in the bicycle. Casual cycling booties are the most of comfortable among the rest and are meant to be used only for casual cycling.

Cycling booties complete a cycling apparel. Without cycling booties cycling clothing won’t be complete. When cycling you will have to protect all parts of the body that is why you need cycling booties.

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